Saturday, 28 January 2017

The Positive Progress Party

Welcome to the beginnings of a new political party. For many years now I have contemplated the thought of helping people. Not just helping certain disadvantaged groups within our society, but helping by making a greater positive impact on all people's lives.

This has lead me to ask this fundamental question:

"What is it that we can do today that makes our life, and the lives of our young, better tomorrow?"  

This is a highly philosophical question, one that I have given a tremendous amount of thought. It is this question that we need to find an answer to so that everyone may live meaningful lives, while also contributing towards improvements and advancements for the next generation and every generation that follows. This, I propose is the fundamental goal for all global citizens to strive towards. 

Welcome to the Positive Progress Party (PPP)

Here are some of the core priorities of the party: 

- Protecting and improving the environment.
- Protecting and improving human health, especially mental health. 
- That all people need to contribute to community, country and the world by being actively involved in employment.    
- The majority of government expenditure is directed towards augmenting the above three points. 
- Favour democratic governance.
- People who do not meet predetermined acceptable levels of health and community contribution are provided with support. 
- Government is responsible for providing a form of employment instead of welfare support to able individuals. 
- We learn from the past to move forward to a better tomorrow. 
- Fairness and equity across our society. 

Our policies at a glance (more details to follow):

- Heavily promote the advancement and uptake of self-driving electric vehicles.
- Heavily fund increased community activities that lead to positive interactions. 
- Heavily fund The Arts. 
- Heavily fund participation for all in physical activity.
- Fund activities that support mental health.  
- Provide timely free dental services for all Australian Citizens.
- Identify pathways to curb the use of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and unhealthy foods.
- Provide full-time employment for all adults by reinvigorating the manufacturing sector and supporting businesses who provide employment. 
- Introduce a four day work week. 
- Fund and promote renewable energy sources and move responsibly away from fossil fuel use.
- Provide education and support globally to reduce birth rates to sustainable levels.  
- Legalise medicinal marijuana.
- Work collaboratively with other countries to improve "health inequity".
- Support marriage equality. 
- Support processes that reduce migration across the world. This includes supporting countries to better support their citizens. We understand we have a part to play during times of crisis. 
- Government does not spend funds on self-promotion. 
- Politician wages at all levels reflect socio-economic norms. 
- Taxes are used fluidly to create equity. 
- Transport infrastructure (i.e. roads, trains, buses etc.) is a priority item for the PPP.
- Community dialogue is crucial for improvements.

If you'd like to join in these conversations, please join @AndrewKiss888 or #PositiveProgressParty on Twitter.